The Florida Private Sector Whistleblower's Act, F.S. §§448.101-448.105 prohibits employers from making an unfavorable employment claim against an employee because the employee has objected to or refused to participate in any activity, policy or practice of the employer that violates an act, rule or rule.

first Persons: Under the Private Inspectorate of Florida, an "employer" means any individual, company, association, institution, company or association that employs 10 or more persons. "Employed" means any person who wages or otherwise invoices to the employer, but does not have an independent contractor. Statute of Restrictions : Statute restrictions for filing a Florida Private Whistleblower case two (2) years after discovering the alleged retaliatory personal action or four (4) years prior to the personal action.

3rd Administrative Fatigue: No need to exhaust administrative remedies; the employee may file a complaint with the court. In other words, you do not have to submit to the EEOC or the Florida Human Relations Committee the responsibility for discrimination by bringing Florida Private Whistleblower Act. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait at least 180 days before the litigation procedure commences, Title or Florida Civil Law.

4th Remedies: If you succeed in the Florida Private Whistleblower Act, the court may order: (1) a restriction of further violation of the act; (2) reinstatement of the employee by retaliatory; (4) compensation for lost wages and other accounts; (5) any other damages damages allowed by law.

5th Attorneys' Charges: The court may award legitimate attorneys' fees, court costs, and costs to a party domiciled in the Florida Private Whistleblower Act, which means that a worker has to pay employer's attorneys' fees if or not.

6th Written Notice: In order to protect the Whistleblowers Act against an external agency, the employee must first report the illegal act to the employer in writing. Proof of Verification: An employee provides protection under the Insurance Act for the purpose of securing testimony or as a witness to a claim concerning the alleged illegal act of the employer.

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