The law of attraction is the law of the universe, which states what you think and concentrate on what you physically carry into your life to experience it.

But what if you wanted to make more money you won the gambling. Then the law will work? The answer is absolute! as long as you are vibrated in the right place mentally while you are doing it.

You see, I really know that because I've been studying the law of attraction for 20 years, and I enjoyed gambling in about the same amount of time; and I can undoubtedly say that, with learning and learning progressing, I have my win and my prize too!

While this article mostly focuses on winning casinos on Video Poker games (because I personally are my favorite game and I know the most about it) I'm pretty sure there are many tips here that will help you win in other games.

Here are some simple tips that help you capture vibration alignment to win.

first Do not gamble with money you can not afford to lose.

This might sound like a typical "moral" advice that anyone would say, but it is particularly important for the law of attraction. The fact is that if you are renting or earning money, you are scary or guilty! Playing with frightened money will put you in a negative vibration position from the beginning and make it much more difficult to attract more money to you.

If the money is a little tiny – start JACKPOT JAR at your home. (Make sure you are writing a Jackpot Jar, so every time you look at it, you will receive a positive confirmation and you will finally believe that it is exactly that week). It does not matter whether you are $ 2, $ 5, or $ 10. Just set aside until you have accumulated the amount you want to bring to the casino. You may be exchanging cash or money in the corner of your bedroom, which does not do anything.

The point is to travel with "no crime" or "fearless" money. You will be automatically in a better vibration situation, knowing that it really does not matter whether you are winning or losing it as long as you are well.

2nd View Winners Before You Go

My dad was one of the luckiest video poker players I've ever met. When it was hit, it was usually large. I remember a $ 13,000 jackpot, a few $ 8,000 jackpots and a lot of $ 4,000 and $ 1,000 jackpots.

The funny thing now is that my father technically did not take the law of attraction, but was a favorite hobby to dream (or imagine) the next trip to Atlantic City and how he would win. He will say things like "I'm going to the fourth plane and go there for $ 1,000, then I'll take that money and go to the cash machine and get $ 4,000, then I'll have two more wins for an hour, I'm not the big one. "(Amazingly, I'm a fan of Video Poker when I see someone getting so easy to win?)

Now, however, he did not see these visualizations as a" technique "to help him win just because he was amused to think. Regardless of why he did it – I can tell you it worked!

The point is, if you win less than 3 jackpots on a weekend, it's a "slow" weekend.

After all, it was so successful in victory – the thought of loss did not even come to mind. And the law of attraction is what you think and believe is what you get, it's hardly lost.

So, open the visualization before you even went. Start small if the "huge jackpot" seems too credible for you. Say O.K. for the first time I will win $ 100, you will win $ 300. Imagine the perfect hands you handle. Feel the excitement you feel as if you really won. See for yourself what counts with a huge bill on your way home and how good it feels. Do this as long as possible before you travel, so you are still at a high vibration level before you arrive at the casino. Practice at Home

If you read this, you are likely to have access to the Internet. There are tons of free space on the internet where you can practice "winning".

Find your favorite online play for free and practice your way to victory. (Do not forget to ignore the loss of hands in your free hands), just concentrate on making it "easy" to win. You feel like you are playing with real money. Feel the excitement, feel your confidence while winning a winning hand

Now that you're fully prepared for the ride, here's another tip when you get there:

4. Listen to Your Sayings

While negative thoughts can keep you winning, loud speeches can be ten times stronger. Be careful not to fall into the typical "casino talk", which is so common for players. For example:

How much are you down?

How Much Money Did You Leave?

No one seems to hit this day (or just the opposite).

I'm never fortunate at this place.

I can not play.

I can not do anything

I hate this place

This Place Sucks!

Remember, the Universe follows the lead. When you say these thoughts and feelings, the universe always reacts to it by giving you more.

Try Positive Claims Like:

My Winning Machine Invokes Me Just Listening

My jackpot is somewhere waiting for me and I'll find it.

The right machine will jump on me.

I like to come here, always such a good time!

5th Really Enjoy the Game While Playing

Do not focus on the amount of chips on the table and the chips and remember to enjoy the game.

many times, especially in Video Poker, where I went to "auto-mode". I've played the game for so many years that you do not have much to keep in mind the cards we handle in our hands. Unfortunately, this leaves me open to focus on focusing on credits on the machine and, if the amount drops, my vibrations will come to him.

Since then, I've learned to concentrate on the fun of the game. Now I slow down my automatic response. Sometimes I pretend to be the beginning of the game. I myself intentionally excited about as little as a couple 2 that they deal with me, wondering how cool it would be to draw another – maybe two of them! Yes! I did not just wait for the "big" hands to be excited. I enjoy the game perfectly. The more I enjoy, the better I vibrate positively. The more I vibrate positively, the more I bring good hands to give you something to be truly happy.

So slow it down. Remember why you're there. To have fun. If you focus on the fun, the money naturally comes.

6th Change your game

Have you ever wondered why this "starting luck" is so common? I strongly believe that this is because a person who does not know how to play a game can not have a negative thought or resistance to him.

An experienced video poker player knows that 10 out of 9 of this 5th is the Royal Flush card not being created, but the novice has no idea. So if an experienced player does not believe this is happening because it is usually difficult, the novice has no such mental resistance.

If you feel you have no luck in your usual game, go play does not know about it. I can not tell you how many times I made money, and I did not know what you did or did to get it. What a fun thing! Then I lose the prizes and go back to my usual game with a whole new winner vibration

. Go to Good Luck Charm Treasure Hunt

So the good luck charm works really? Here is the law of attraction, so obviously they will work if you think they will.

Are you sure you want to be? Not at all. My mother and I have been together for years in Atlantic City. One of our favorite things is when things go slow, Good Luck Charm is treasure hunting.

If one wins a machine jackpot, the casinos put small white cards in the coin slot, saying "Congratulations! Winner! As a person pays, very often people leave them and I love finding them and good I use them as a misfortune because they have already gained them, but if after 4 or 5 hands I did not bring good luck, we are looking for other things. Sometimes just a bloody chopstick can be surrounded, then picked up and grabbed it as if it were the Holy Grail and he says, "That's it! This is the only one!

Once we draw a little kilroy shape on a paper (Do you know the guy looks at the wall with his big nose and his hand?) And then we'll be able to use it we placed it on top of our machine and had all kinds of fun with it, and she would turn her over and overlook the wall if she did not give us the second hand we wanted.We were such a good time and many laughed that we were doing well on that day

do not be fooled, I'm not saying that it was "Kilroy" who won us but we were so amused to play it, our voice and vibration was so light and happy that the Universe had a different choice to answer and of course with many winning hands and money our vibration. Notice that this is all about vibration, otherwise abundantly.

8. If you can not change the negative vibr – Go For a Time

Sometimes it does not matter what you are doing, you can not shake a loser behavior. If you find that this is happening to you, it is time for some mental disturbance. You know "There is no point in dropping good money badly"

If it works from a negative location, it is only negative (ie it causes more losses). So it's time to go a bit and change the mood in a different way. If you're lucky enough to go to a hotel room for some time. Rent a $ 10.00 comedy on television (believe you lose a lot more if you play badly for 2 hours on the casino floor) and ease the mood.

Maybe go shopping at the Casino Mall, listen to the live band playing in the lounge, walk on the promenade or on the tape. Go home for yourself with a great snack or meal that you usually do not eat at home. Analyze your vibration, feel better, and then go back and play. This is again the vibration.

ninth Put your emotions in the winning hand – not the losers

Say you have 4 cards for the winning hands and do not pull the last card you need. What is your first instant response? It feels hopeful that the cards are finally on the line, and a winning hand is about to be on the road, or you feel frustrated or angry that you miss it and find yourself in the next 20 minutes.

Do you want to change your focus and just place your happy feelings in the winning hands.

Do you want to change the focus of the game to the bottom of the table? This leads to the last and most important tip to get more out of the law of attraction

10. Grateful

Personally, I found that nothing helped me win more than my grateful gratitude while I was playing. If you only get five coins, I say, "Thank you for the Universe and more!" As mentioned above, I am deliberately more confident to win and I have learned little or no feelings of loss. Concentrated effort is made to appreciate all the things around me. I'm grateful for the air-conditioned casino in the summer. The fun sounds and lights that surround you. Free drinks. At the craps table at the casino, the winners of the winners (I like to hear the excited voices of others, this adds to my soul and makes me get more, so I can share the excitement.) The people I go to the casino, the food at every restaurant, in the clean hotel room.

Remember why you went, it was fun. Make your priority and the universe answer naturally and make sure it's fun.

Happy Creation!

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