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Do not care if you're under it or under 6 feet ...

If you do not sport ...

Or if you've tried any fake jumping tutorial on YouTube ...

Before you give up your dreams and you'll be able to show you all the reasonable doubts ...

Because I'm going to teach you the new 3-step, zero-sliding my frame ...

is called VERT SHOCK.

And this is a new system that you can use IMMEDIATELY to increase the jump to 9 to 15 inches.

In just eight weeks.

"By using Vert Shock, I went to nothing in just 7 weeks."

Gilbert, Arizona · Vert Shock Member

"After only 4 weeks of the Vert Shock, I was the first dunk EVER!"

Germany · Vert Shock Member

"I'm just a good guy and I can only be WINDMILL after just 6 weeks of Vert Shock!"

Rolle, Switzerland · Vert Shock Member

And they all went to this system and on the other side came a transformed DUNKING machine ...

And I can not quite emphasize this:

This is not one of those useless jump shows.

Really, if you only hold me for a few moments, you will learn some of the exercises that you are likely to do, actually the VERTICAL.

] Re: Anything good?

You're the first person I picked up a jumping program that actually answers ...

I'm just emailing that I've only dropped 11 days in the game, but only in Vert Shock!

now thank you so much for man!

From: Joshua Hughes

I got my first dunk

I just thanked the Vert Shock. I'm just in Class 8, but I'm 6 & # 2 so everyone is waiting for me to be able to admire.

First I was skeptical, but I decided to try.

This stuff actually works It's only 2 weeks for Vert Shock and just dropped my first dunk! I was less than to touch DUNKING!

From: AJ Detrick

Maybe I'm just the first dunk and only 13 days at Vert Shock!

Thanks for the program.

You've heard Justin & Jus Fly & # 39; Darlington ... [19659002] Dunks are reported by Slam Magazine and Bleacher Report.

It was the show of TNT Dunk King.

And I'm happy to invite a good friend.

As I said, she currently wears the world's highest Dunker title.

Here's an image of accepting the first-placed trophy at the Nike World Dunk at LeBron and Anthony Davis

. the world's tallest dunker, did not always look for the world just to show off his boobs ...

Long story short, he and I grew up together in Canada.

I'm totally lying if I promise you can jump to 50 cm ...

That's ridiculous, Justin's nature is absolutely weird ...

But I promise one thing ... [19659002] If you follow this finished road map ...

It's just a few simple workouts a week ...

Like I said, this is the best feeling in the world.

And today I'm going to share the roadmap for you with the dunk.

This is a new 60 day ELITE vertical trainer I call VERT SHOCK.

And if they only want to stay with me for a few minutes, I'll tell you everything you need to know.

Exactly Includes WHAT WILL SHOCK ...

Why does this training program work on a group of leg muscles that you will probably never hear ...

WHO has already dropped the mighty funnels, following that.

Before I go ...

I really want to think about it. ] What would your life be like if you could easily drop high flying missions ... any time?

Will you finally get this starting place for your team?

You may be the star you always get when the game is in the queue ...

Imagine your whole school ... maybe the whole city ... watched it drop the MASSIVE drain in the games.

Imagine that there are videos in Instagram and Facebook in labels ...

the attentions of college scouts around the country ...

But first let me know

If you're dunking, you feel like you're almost anything could be.

NO SHOOTS to shrug off your shoulders more than to walk through the net

NO more than attacking the frame in games and exercises [19659002] YOU do not feel anymore when you step on the track

NO more joking tutorials and funky exercises that try to increase vert

NOT LOOKING Better on the Bench When REQUESTING Who's In The Court Dunking People [19659002] Just think about it because if you're just a man who likes dunking IDEA.

But you never want to strike a ribbon ...

X "and leave this page good.

If someone is a" normal "basketball career ...

Maybe playing a few minutes in a game ...

But it's the only dunking in video games ...

Then the VERT SHOCK system does not

Want to dominate your opponents and look out at every gym where you will go?

Would you recognize the political parties and social events, "the guy who's inclined"?

Do you want to go to the next level and be proud of your parents?

Do you want to be the guy everyone is talking about at school?

I played NCAA Class I basketball in Irvine University in California ...

And later I was playing in the professional ...

I saw that I traveled around the world and played basketball with some of the best players you could imagine. ..

Kobe Bryant and Adam Folker

So trust me when I say -

I'm just telling you this because I thought I would be alone with me alone ...

While life did not give me a quick rollerball ... and everything I can say ...

Kobe Bryant and Adam Folker

First look at me in grade 9.

I was here, 14 years old ... 6 feet 4.

Do you think it would be a star?

I was riding on the rotten bench with my rookie team.

Imagine how he felt ...

The highest guy in the team, but his coach only attacks if there is double digit lead.

Now when you're so tall and you meet first, find out what you're always asking ...

"Wow you play basketball?"

What do you think you are a sport ...

And you're not good yet?

I'll never forget a game in particular.

This girl with a huge bruise was watching ...

I was sitting on the bench for 40 minutes.

I was never going to forget that she was so humiliated ...

I was just going to go and prove myself

He had to spend thousands of hours in the next 6 months I'm loading up to see everything I can on a vertical jumping exercise ...

I've tried everything I've found.

Those funny jumping boots ... [19659002] I was so close to accepting that no one could improve the vertical ...

I thought maybe every genetics that you were born with or not ..

This "secret sauce" behind my 3-step system ...

And this will poke some people.

Especially those YouTube who say jumps, squats, anything ...

In the meantime, they collect money from ads every time you watch the videos.

Trust me, they do not care if you ever dunk ...

In fact, in their eyes this is probably better not to.

Think about it: if you finally swoop, stop the videos ...

And then they will not pay you!

Because it has spent nearly 10,000 hours in refining the method over the last 10 years

And I know how REAL is to get over the edge ... this starts with targeting specific muscles on your feet.

That evening I found a relationship with a scholar

And that was not a single study but a secret Russian training technique ...

"The ladies ... can improve their strength and explosiveness while growing they become more agile ... for at least six weeks. "

And without being too deep in science, it's basically muscle fibers that turn your foot into rubber.

When bending the legs, tension develops ...

And when it expands them, release ...

It's all very simple ...

The only way to increase your maximum vertical is to target and strengthen the elasticity of fibers.

Fibers with higher elasticity are equal to higher stress than higher verticals.

If you do not practice specific exercises, neglect them ...

Let me tell you if you are skeptical, remember

Finally - if this Russian workout was so effective why nobody taught before?

Well, there are a few reasons for this.

I've already told you about the gurus YouTube is misleading ...

It's hard to pronounce it, so Dr. Vert or dr. I call it V for a short time ...

Dr. V developed the "SHOCK" method for the Soviet Union to gain an unfair advantage over the Olympic jumps ...

He realized that repeated training, such as squatting and other "usual" methods, had little effect on the actual jump height of the athlete

. , crazy, as it all sounds, many scientific studies confirm that flexible fibers are the only way to increase your compost ...

Dr. His research and training system was scattered throughout the place

And many things have to be translated in Russian.

There is another manual that his younger daughter recently translated into English.

But he does not give you the whole training program. It took almost six months to find and retrieve everything in journal articles ...

It's five years to test and explore the methods ... [19659002] So, as you can imagine, this was my life for the past 10 years ...

And I wanted it easy to follow.

That's why I spent countless hours, everything I've ever found on the vertical jump for the downloadable, ready-for-you action plan I named VERT SHOCK.

This is the only workout I know you can guarantee in just eight weeks to get stuck.

And remember that you do not need to buy something special for VERT SHOCK ...

We'll do our best at home and not have access to the gym so you can use it!

Do not let the SHOCK part of the title fool, VERT SHOCK is not only the most effective way to increase the vertical ...

Do you think someone is going up somewhere with the dumbbells?

Or the weight of the ankle or something?

And we want to practice our game.

VERT SHOCK Target MAX Vertical Jumping by Activating "Flexible Threads"

So this does not mean weight or other fancy gear

And I do not want you to be intimidated at all ...

It's not hard on joints. .. this is no more demanding than a basketball game or anything else that you probably tried.

s probably a lot easier. Do not forget that SMART is not working hard.

Everything I'm going to do is focus on unique jumping exercises, combined with precise sets and repetition.

This first step is called the "Pre-Shock" phase and is designed to make your body ready to fly.

This week you will be training for 4 days every 30 minutes.

"I just started the Vert Shock 3 days ago and I'm already dunking!"

- John Alexander Macdonald

United States · Vert Shock Member

"After only 10 days at the Vert Shock I went to BARELY could be the DUNK that destroyed 180 DUNKS Easy!"

- Juan Ricardo Rios Salcido

Mexico · Vert Shock Tag

"I've never seen my body respond to something so fast ... after 3 days I dunked easily!"

Charlotte, NC · Vert Shock Member

From: Evanda Tusitala

Re: Evanda how are the workouts progressing?

My constant vertical was 19 inches and only 23 inches on the second day! Today is my rest day, and tomorrow after Shrinking I'm going to Shock Phase!

Thank you for checking :)

I'm looking forward to working tomorrow !!

: Roma Concepcion

(No subject)

I used this program for 5 days and I've been winning about 4-5 cm.

I believe in this program.

From: Bilal Ibrahim

Thanks to the programmer who is 6 to 13 years old.

In just 2 weeks I can dunk with two hands now! This means your program really works!

I can not wait for the next few weeks.

This is the place where true magic happens.

You will train on average 3 days a week ...

A total of 40 minutes per session.

All your moves carefully target those neglected elastic threads. It is important that you explode at each stage of the jump ...

... so you can consistently reach the MAX vertical jump speed and strengthen the elastic threads.

After these 6 weeks you jump higher than any other friend you ever thought of.

"I'm just doing the Vert Shock for two weeks and I've hardly walked into DUNKING ON PEOPLE IN GAMES !!!"

Delaware, United States · Vert Shock tag

"I could hardly catch the edge and now I can do it! Thank you so much for the VERT SHOCK!"

Kentucky, USA · Vert Shock Member

"I went to the DUNKING BUT FUNNY CONDOM! Vert Shock helped me from benchwarmer to STARTING LINEUP"

Florida, USA · Vert Shock Member

Where everything your body has "learned" in Step 1 and Step 2 is stronger in muscle memory ...

Ready to call at any time to attack and throw away the mighty rim- swing erasers command.

You will be training for 4 days for this week. 30 minutes per session.

This is the highest strength of the week and allows your body to release the FURY vertical jump potential.

This is the most exciting time of the program ...

It'll be much lighter and more flexible on your feet ...

The reinforced elastic threads will feel a huge weight lifted from your shoulders.

"You really feel like I'm going to be able to mow!" I went from the touching edge to dunking easily. "

Australia · Vert Shock Member

"Justin & Tom Penkethman

Eltham, Australia · Vert Shock Member

" Vert Shock helped my son, Tom, to drop the FIRST DUNK EVER!

"Four weeks after launching the Vert Shock, I lowered my first WINDMILL!"

California, USA · Vert Shock Member

If this is not enough ...

Take a look at the video

This is my highlight roll in high school

After getting to know the elastic fibers of the body and expressing my VERT SHOCK routine, my ability to dunk changed my life.

He got a full-range horse racing scholarship to 1st class school ...

He was in the world. Pay to pay basketball to the pros.

Do you remember my girlfriend Justin? VERT SHOCK did the same for him ...

And now watch it, he's the # 1 Dunker world.

So with VERT SHOCK I want to pay you ahead and help you achieve your goals. I know what's more than 15 inches to my vertical ...

... But how can it help you?

You fascinated your friends ...

to the NBA ...

I want to get you where you want to go ...

i FINALYY today dunked after practice. everyone watched and went up and dunked with one hand. They gave a special tone to Adam Folk and their training, which they gave me 13 centimeters to my vertical.

Hey guys, everyone who's there and want to increase your vertical position, you have to use the VertShock because I can say it works for me. Now the 5th week of the program and finally dunked first. For the erverybody who wants to do the same thing, the program will not only help Dunk but will make it more sporty on the track, defense, absorption, etc.).

Training is also very easy and you only need to have a small space outside or in the gym. All the exercises are shown in a detailed video. There is no doubt that Vert Shock is the fastest and easiest way to increase your vertical position. Thank you for creating this humorous program Adam Folker

I said I never got hurt to try it so I bought it and after 1 week the vertical rose 4 inches and I could dunk with one hand. After 4 weeks I won almost 7 inches, and I could barely shoot two hands.

Then, I finished the Vert Shock program, which reached more than 12 inches and bam 2 dunking. Adam and Folkersystem I have come to my dream

And I remember this is the only program that is so ...

Because it really resets on those elastic fibers on his feet ...

Within a few weeks 9-15 + inches [19659002] And if you're ready to send an access code

This is not a YouTube playlist where you can watch only some videos ... skip some ...

This is a very clearly designed 8-week program [19659002] As I said earlier, this is not a complicated program

And it's not that hard (remember - we're smart, not difficult)

It's a fact that it takes more than 90 minutes a week

You do not have to play sports.

No need to be strong. You do not need any equipment ...

And I'm sorry I could give you free.

But the fact that I'm losing money ... and I'll have to stop soon before it goes bankrupt.

All the cash used during the research included rental and editing of a team, creation and loading of web pages, preparation and publication of training manuals ... [19659002] And gains the "Professional Power and Conditioning Certification" ...

Even though I'm spending a lot of money on you.

So today I have listed a very special price for this jump program. 19659002] And if you take it now, I know you will love it.

No matter how well you work or work hard, there are 4 stepping stones that sabot your success and prevent you from ever

In this FREE bonus you will find:

How to drop the BS that steals the vertical jumps to ultimately get rid of the bones of emotion ...

# 1 is a common mistake that all players do if they try to increase the vertical ... (Heck I bet he probably did this today ...) And the simple way to fly higher than ever ...

How to avoid a common misunderstanding Most "experts" tell you when you have to prepare for the vertical jump to avoid frustrations and pitfalls.

Training, Technique and Targeting of Proper Muscle Fibers Are All Very Important

In this free bonus, the beans are scrambled through 5 Justin's dirty secrets to make any necessary tools.

You will not believe in his simple dunk "cheat" in his ...

The best program in the world is worth squatting if he does not follow.

So do you believe there is everyday everyday nutrition that cures your body's elasticity and blocks its maximum leap potential?

But not only is there a lot of food that serves as a leap in fuel to learn these "shock" motorbikes faster and easier than ever

In this free bonus model you will find the following:

The "MCV" the secret to immediately increase the vertical jump by changing the approach speed ... astonished at how fast it works

A simple, yet deadly, effective "boot cube secret", up to 10x power transmission during take-off for MASSIVE audio. .

Why you must aggressively put yourself on the ground before you jump ... this is the # 1 most effective way to EXPLODE the vertical and the dunk is faster and easier than ever.

But when we have something special about Dr. V's rushing secrets, I can not give this information to anyone.

And if I set a low price tag for VERT SHOCK, guess what?

This reduces the information ...

is the next thing you know, these fake YouTubers that you already know I hate will take the whole VERT SHOCK system ...

... put them on their channel , and advertising money on my research and the PROVEN method

. I've seen it before. And I will not let this happen to me.

Because everyone who joins VERT SHOCK would be angry.

I do not want crazy dunkers to send angry emails ...

There are some very, very happy (and trained!) Dunkers within the program

So I have to keep relatively high prices ... [19659002] Now considering how this system is affecting the vertical ...

at least 9-15 + inches within 8 weeks ...

How to throw huge feces in your entire school ...? I mean, what are you paying for a new pair of shoes ...

Of course, look and feel good on the pitch ...

How much of a pair of shoes did you ever change?

I've been playing basketball for over 20 years and I do not know anyone who has ever won a scholarship to wear scholarships

And I paid a lot more than to play in the profession ...

So please understand dunking a very valuable

And I'm dying to see how much you can change your life ... so for a very limited time I'm doing something special because I want you to try it today.

Here you can find everything including training videos, worksheets, and details behind the step-by-step workout less than 8 weeks.

You will find that every video is very easy to follow in VERT SHOCK ... so you can be sure you're doing everything 100%. Here are more specific tips, tricks and techniques that have been perfected over the past 20 years to doubled the body's elasticity to the absolute highest flight results.

If you subscribe to VERT SHOCK, this is just the beginning of our relationship ...

I will send you some email every week because I want to make sure you stay on the track. 19659002] I will also avoid answering specific questions and giving feedback.

I want you to know we're together.

If you think you are too short or unatletic, you must see it - that's ...

Since I never saw the course from within, you'll find out:

How to win 9+ inches crude vertical jump from a professional dunk

How to use "Amplifier Multipliers" even if you are thin and unatletic (you combine two or 3 with crazy results ...)

How to reload your muscle memory and install the silky smooth jumping mechanics of the world's best dunkers ...

3 "foot hacks" to free instant inches with the coma ...

How easy is dunk without palmering the basketball ... (This is a game changer, if you are trying to throw off the first dunk ...)

A weird take-off by Jus Fly's approach to maximum drive and robustness every time ... [19659002] How to build confidence in your jump ability to FAST not to hesitate in games ...

Look, I just want this to be the easiest decision you can ever make.

Using the techniques inside VERT SHOCK you can easily expect to increase vertical values ​​between 9 and 15 in the next 8 weeks.

And because I want you to make a decision today ...

I'm here to give you a lifetime offer that will set you up for life-changing fevers through such a program.

And I'm so confident that VERT SHOCK will take you 60 days or less to put my money in my mouth.

So, if you go through the program and definitely NOT in the next 8 weeks (which is hardly happening on the road).

I'm sending a 100% refund.

All you have to do is send me a quick e-mail with the "refund request" topic ... and the money

And everything you want to get ...

Even after what today I showed you ...

If you want to make sure that the facts do not exist, then it's okay.

But if your average midfielder flips in your next game, he always thinks he's going through VERT SHOCK.

I've given at least a lot of information today ... so you say it's much better than most.

You now know a lot of YouTube videos and so-called jumpers "experts" have led to doom.

So you can try to spend your time on Dr. V's research as I do ...

Probably takes a long time ...

As I said, I had to spend thousands of hours ...

Plus, I had to optimize VERT to SHOCK for maximum achievement over the minimum time (5+ years of testing and research!)

But if someone is spending a lot more on me ...

I'm going to do a lot of work .. just to save money ...

Well, that is your choice and I'm perfectly fine with it.

All you have to do is REND NOW "button now

I've done all the hard work ever (you'll pay me that way!)

All you have to do is follow this schedule. .. which only consists of a couple of workouts per week ...

And you see as the vertical increase of 3-5 inches in the first 7 days

and 9 to 15 inches over the next 8 weeks

The case

There are a lot of people in the VERT SHOCK program who thought they were "too short" ...

And "there was no genetics."

Why not risk the next 60 days with VERT SHOCK

And most people see the results much faster

But the clock ticks ...

So what do you expect?

Simply click on the "ORDER NOW" button below and start

I'm looking forward to watching dunk videos. .

Adam Folker Founder, VERT SHOCK In spring 2018

S. Do not forget the cool bonuses when you sign up for VERT SHOCK today ...

VERT SHOCK has been involved for nearly 10 years ...

I've helped more than 20,000 students, next level ... [19659002] And I want you to be the next.

This offer will expire soon.

And you can not get VERT SHOCK anywhere else ...

After ordering Vert Shock, we will email your username / password to log in to members only. Inside, you can enter the full Vert Shock program, all the bonuses and Jump Like Justin free bonus course. You can access the members' portal on any device connected to the Internet.

Vert Shock uses strategic practices and set / rep combinations to target flexible muscle fibers. This results in explosive gains in your vertical jump

No. Vert Shock does not require equipment or access to the gym. You can do the program at home.

Yes. A Vert Shock nem használ nehéz súlyemelést, így nem fogja keményíteni a növekedést. A Vert Shock minden korosztály számára biztonságos. Természetesen ellenőriznie kell orvosával, mielőtt bármilyen fizikai edzést végezne.

A Vert Shock megrendelését követően ma be van zárva és élvezheted a programot. A Vert Shock program nem jár le, és a lehető legtöbb alkalommal jelentkezhet be.

Igen, és akkor is ugyanazt fogod kapni, ha nem jobb eredményeket, még akkor is, ha edzést szezonban. Az intervallumos edzésprogram lehetővé teszi, hogy az edzésedet a gyakorlati idők körül tervezze.

Nem. Valójában maga a pontos típusú személy, aki látni fogja a legnagyobb ugrásszerzést ebből a programból. Nagyon sok fejlesztési helyed van, csak néhány csípés látni fogja, hogy nagyon sok centimétert kapsz.

A vásárlás után azonnal bejelentkezik a tagok csak a webhelyre. Itt olvashatsz és elküldhetsz a privát fórumon, és felteszelhetsz minden kérdésedet.

Nincs. Ezt a programot olyan embereknek terveztük, mint a miénk, így csak egy óránál kevesebbet kell hetente négyszer kevesebbet elérni ahhoz, hogy minden eredményt megkapjon.

A Vert Shock digitális, online tagsági webhely, amely azonnali hozzáférést biztosít minden anyagot és videót a másodiknak, ameddig csatlakozol, még akkor is, ha a 4 óra. Mivel nincs semmi levél és fizikai könyvek stb., Meg tudjuk tartani a programunkat valóban megfizethetővé, és ezáltal egy csomó pénzt takaríthatunk meg a legmodernebb edzéshez.

A Vert Shock biztonságos és minden korosztály számára megfelelő. The program requires no weights or special equipment and can be done at home. Exercise videos of each movement are included so there is no prior workout experience needed.

Yes, but not as much as say, a newbie obviously. You’ll still be able to add a few inches to your hops without much trouble though.

Without a doubt and here’s why. All our payment processing is handled by a separate billion-dollar company that has been around for decades.

It’s called Clickbank and it’s responsible for millions of transactions per month with the latest security in place. We trust them wholeheartedly and have never had any issues at all.

We were very careful about who we decided to work with and these guys are the best, hands down. You have nothing to fear whatsoever and if you’re still nervous about it, feel free to pay with Paypal. We accept both Paypal and credit cards.

Yes! If you would like to get in touch with any of the athletes that provided testimonials just ask!

“Your stuff seriously works! Thank you so much man!”

Oregon, USA · Vert Shock Member

“I used to get teased but now I’m dunking with ease and it’s helped my confidence a lot!”

Boston, USA · Vert Shock Member

“After 3 weeks I threw down my first windmill WITH EASE!”

Palms, California · Vert Shock Member

“Thanks Vert Shock! Check out my Dunk in a game on a defender.”

North Carolina, USA · Vert Shock Member

“I was skeptical but the results are amazing. Vert Shock helped me make a Pro roster.”

Dallas, Texas · Vert Shock Member

“This is the best vertical jump program I have ever done and I’ve tried them all.”

Brisbane, Australia · Vert Shock Member

“Before Vert Shock I was barely dunking… just catching rim grazes. Put in the work and the results will come!”

Los Angeles, USA · Vert Shock Member

“I went from sitting on the bench, barely able to dunk - to averaging multiple dunks per game, becoming a starter, and winning the state championship!”

St. George, Utah, USA · Vert Shock Member

“Before starting Vert Shock I was just grazing the rim.. After week 7 I threw down my first dunk!”

Brookline, NH · Vert Shock Member

“Hard work pays off.. Vert Shock helped me get my first dunk and now I can throw down lobs easy.”

California, USA · Vert Shock Member

“After about 5 weeks I finally threw down my first dunk and it felt amazing. This program is the best program out there and it really works."

Lexington, USA · Vert Shock Member

"You're stuff seriously works! Thank you so much man!"

Oregon, USA · Vert Shock Member

“I went from struggling to dunk to throwing it down in games and ON PEOPLE.”

Arkansas, USA · Vert Shock Member

“I can now bang on a fast break and am dunking on defenders!”

USA · Vert Shock Member

“I'm only 5'8" and this is what I was able to do after 2 weeks of Vert Shock.”

Louisville, USA · Vert Shock Member

“I'm a 5’9 freshman who could never throw it down. I used Vert Shock for just two weeks and I finally dunked!!!”

Texas, USA · Vert Shock Member

"I'm Finally Able To Throw It Down And Dunk In Games Thanks To Vert Shock!"

Missouri, USA · Vert Shock Member

"I am only 5'5" and after starting Vert Shock I can now throw down dunks AND alley-oops!"

Idaho, USA · Vert Shock Member

"I'm a 5'10" white guy and after starting Vert Shock I can finally Dunk!!! THANK YOU!!"

Kansas, United States · Vert Shock Member

"Vert Shock is the only program online that will actually increase your vert. I dunked after only 5 weeks!"

— Aleksandr Salfetnikov

Washington, USA · Vert Shock Member

"Thanks to Vert Shock I'm finally able to Dunk!"

Buffalo, USA · Vert Shock Member

From: Cooper Davidson

Your program really works!

Just to give you a little background on me, I am 16 and only 5'7". I already do have an impress vertical for my height, I can get the bottom of the box. But I wanted to increase it, so after I did the first pre shock phase day 1. I decided to see how much I my vertical increased.

Already I just barely touched the rim!! I am very impressed with this program, you really are a true hero!! Here is the pic of me touching it! Thank you so much for developing it this program it will really change my basketball career!

From: Wyatt House


Thank you for making this awesome system that you made. I started the program with a 28 inch vertical. I am on Week 5 and I now have a 34 inch vertical. I went from barely dunking to doing tomahawk dunks. This system is great.

Thanks, Wyatt House

From: Paul Parker

It's official

First, I'm going to start by saying I was a lil skeptical of the program. But after nearly 2 hours sitting in traffic, I decided to give it a try!

After starting Vert Shock let me tell you - the results are amazing. For a player who didn't even average 1 minute of playing time in high school your program helped me make a professional roster!

Here's a pic of me jumping over the ball rack throwing it down after doing Vert Shock.

Thanks for a awesome program.

I'm a junior in high school who just last season could barely dunk. I sat on the bench all last year and was only on the team because I was tall. I had only ever dunked once in my entire life.

Then I did Vert Shock and now I average a couple dunks a game and even dunk on defenders. I'm also a starter on the team and have won multiple dunk competitions!

This year our team went on to win the Utah state championship. I had one dunk in the quarter finals, 2 dunks in the semi finals, and a career high of 4 dunks in the state championship game!!!

I can't thank you enough for Vert Shock!

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