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Each year the California Grand Lodge and its creative freemasonry shelter throughout the state announce a month for "Public Schools Month". The announcement is made by the Grandmaster sitting in a normal way, read aloud in each speaker at one or more monthly announced appointments. Its purpose has always been to encourage guesthouses to design a program that publicly supports public schools so that everyone can see the depth of Masonic engagement. [18] By 2011, each constituent board was generally left to decide what to do without including a nationwide Masonic project in which it could participate. This ambition meant a rather unusual implementation of a variety of activities by different, independently working cabinets. The programs ranged from complicated and energetic interaction from selected public education to disparity

There are several different reasons why some farms have done little or nothing. In some camps, the members were not particularly active outside of the ceremony or organized social events. In other shelter homes, past leaders simply did not give a good picture. And in other camps, financial resources were not enough to do much more than fighting to support the minimum of activities.

This changed in 2011 for the California Freemasons and their accommodations. Grandmaster William J. Bray III led the way to achieving state-based masseuse commitment to public state schools. Although the leadership provided the energy of implementing the program, the plan came from ordinary Masons who work in the archbishops' arcades throughout the state.

The most recent Grand Lodge Strategic Plan is the result of a survey conducted by the Executive Committee and all members of each Creative Office staff. The tangle of this plan was the most widespread response: masonry will have the strength to deepen the public education. Freelancers up and down the state have come to the conclusion that it is important to save public education, to improve it as ever and to prove to our communities that freedom fighters believe that a successful system of free public education is indispensable to the pursuit of free society. [19659002] to understand why such a diverse group of men and women of different political, religious, and cultural backgrounds are tied together to support public schools, to learn first and foremost why and why the state schools in America are an educational system. Horace Mann – the father of the "common school movement" – who was also Mason, is of great interest. It would be a mistake, however, to conclude that Mann's commitment to public school reasons was due to Mason. It would also be a mistake to note that Freemasonry supports state schools simply because it was Horace Mann Mason. The truth is that masonry involves values ​​that Mann finds attractive enough to get into Craft. Freemasonry and Mann honored the same respect for virtue of virtue, morality, and enlightened public opinion.

Public education today is the primary source of teaching pre-school education at high school. This is not always the case, since from the beginning of the country to the present day, the reasons behind the education of public education were strongly opposed by strict political support parents who strongly opposed their children's dedication to the moral education of their teachers. Even in the early years of the US, some children were learning at home. If their parents were rich enough, others were taught by private instructors. Shortly after the end of the American Revolution, Thomas Jefferson initiated a nationwide dialogue that gave enormous impetus to public education being the exception instead of norms. Jefferson claimed that a free and independent society would be stronger if all its citizens had equal access to knowledge – knowledge that they could all use in their daily lives. At the end of the revolution, the nation found itself without an educational system, and people had to stay with them. In order to remedy the case, Jefferson, who argued with equal force for small and large governments in various cases, suggested that the tax dollars be used to fund a nationwide education system. His proposal was ignored and his idea fell for almost a century.

Until the 1840's, some public education institutions emerged in the country, supported by financially supported communities. About this time Horace Mann began his own crusade and picked it up where Jefferson had stopped. The story of Mann's life can not be said here, but it is enough to say that if he does not engage in an energetic, one-man commitment to the commitment he deems necessary, Massachusetts will not abandon the first compulsory education laws in 1852. New York followed the following and by 1918 all American children had to go to elementary school at least. What followed was nothing else but the successful pursuit of things shared by Freemasonry and the Founding Fathers of the United States: Equality

At the turn of the 20th century, segregation of southern schools and northern parts of the north. In 1896, in the United States Supreme Court Plessy v. Ferguson decided that segregation was lawful – this decade was passed decades later by the 1954 Supreme Court judgment in Brown v. Topeka Kansas Education Council. In the 1954s, once and for all, it is the ideal thing for all people to become equal in the eyes of the Supreme Architect of the Universe – at least with regard to the issue of equal access to education. Surely not surprisingly, in 1954, the Supreme Court was Earl Warren, who was Horace Mann as Mason. Starting this year, all state schools are open to all ethnic backgrounds.

Between 1896 and 1954, American Freemasons were accused of promoting statehood support for enlightenment. It is not ironic or completely surprising that it was first and foremost the ancient and accepted Scottish rite of the United States Southern jurisdiction, who lived in Charleston, North Carolina, in the community world, to continue the cause of public schools. Thanksgiving to the great commander, George F. Moore, with the uncompromising leadership in this business. [19] Before Grand Commander was elected to the Supreme Council in 1914, Moore, a handsome writer, heard his Freemason's position for public schools in publications such as 19459003 New Age which is the predecessor of today's Scottish Rite Journal. The attempts he made before the outbreak of World War I were well received everywhere, including in New York, launched by men such as Moore and organizations such as the Scottish rite to adopt mandatory laws in 1918. In recent years, when Moore took over his position as a great commander of John Cowles, the Scottish rite became known throughout the country as a major promoter of national culture by the patronage of state schools.

Californian Masons were no less active in supporting state schools. In 1920, Charles A. Adams, the great masters of California Masons, first made a Masonic project for public schools. After World War I, labor demand for the population led to the flight of thousands of teachers from classrooms. There were several important work to do: fight overseas, engage in agricultural land to produce food for the struggling nation and to produce factories that are constantly increasing demands for war material production and transportation. Master Adams watched the accompanying catastrophe with a huge alarm. In California, about 600 schools have been closed – this number is an extraordinary number.

Despite the fact that Freemasonry was constantly abstaining from participating in or participating in the world of public policy, Grandmaster Adams carefully considered its advantages and disadvantages in public schools. Masonizing essentially gave members the importance of tracking knowledge. Its ritual is to seek Masons and scholars to study the motto of Freemasonry candidates such as grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, music, astronomy, and geometry. And the idea of ​​creating public schools within the nation apparently came into being with our first president and one of the most important members of Freemasonry. George Washington wrote to his vice-president, John Adams, in his letter, "The wise and meaningful modes of education, the patrons of the communities, and the children of the rich and the poor, who do not distinguish between them, cherish the natural genius, raise the soul, excite the commendable emulation for the revival of knowledge, piety and goodwill, and ultimately rewarding the goodwill of goodwill and benevolent goodwill. "

Masonic is a great advantage for Master Adams to draw before deciding what to do. De Witt Clinton, the master of New York's Grand Masters in New York, and the governor of the state, was so excited about the cause of public schools being the father of New York's public schools today. Benjamin Franklin openly supported the acceptance of public schools in Pennsylvania. With the support of history and precedent, Grandmaster Adams found that California Masons have a public view of relying on the state school system in this state. He knew that Freemasonry had long believed that public education was indispensable to the maintenance of free society. In fact, Freemasonry virtues favored a concept that far exceeded the mere accumulation of knowledge: equal access to knowledge promotes freedom and strengthens the middle class without which fundamental democratic principles for this Republic disappear and ultimately disappear. For these reasons, it was easy for Grand Master Adams on August 30, 1920 to release the first Masonic Freelance Public Schools Day.

The story of supporting the Caribbean state schools is not over. Since then, this support has continued in all Masonic jurisdictions, but it is perhaps best proved by the ongoing national work of the Scottish Rite. For example, examples of Moore and Cowles great commanders – freedom is the most important blessing anyone can enjoy – Brook Hays, the Thirty-Third Scottish Rite Mason and the Arkansas Congress literally sacrificed their political career in public schools.

The lay preacher and former president of the Southern Christening Convention, Hays, also took a stand against the southern Baptist girlfriends by directing the Arkansas Governor, Orval Faubus, who opposed public education equally to all species. Thanks to Hays' courage and perseverance, President Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered the Arkansas National Guard to step up. In his commandment, they advanced in this state and returned to obey the new law of the earth – the Topeka, Kansas Educational Council and thus forever linked America and Freemasonry with a commitment [1985] when Fred Kleinknecht was Scottish Rite, public education was attacked by various religious bodies who were educated from a secular audience. There were two Freemasonry values: freedom of religion and all people's right to free public education. Kleinknecht decided to continue his predecessor Henry Clausen's work to separate religion from the state – the only and only way to prevent the tyranny of theocratic teaching. The great commander of Kleinknecht has always been tempted to keep his prisoners in possession of religious fundamentalists, who were eventually turned against Freemasonry – this horror that has not yet been completely abolished. This did not help Kleinknecht's view of the pernicious perpetrators of Clausen's earlier public opinion on prayer in primary schools while serving as a great commander. For those who enthusiastically urge to incorporate prayer into public schools, Clausen's view was considered emblematic for everyone. The result was a continuous and relentless effort for the Craft and its members. It is not surprising that the attack of strong forces in public schools has also increased and is a threat to the foundations of human freedom.

Today our public schools are state-level educational departments, local level schools are districts as well as publicly elected or appointed officials. An estimated 15,000 such school districts operate across the country. Most of these counties are supervised and directed. Because there is little federal supervision, the curricula differ from country to country – this was a fact that encouraged some to say that greater coordination or centralization would equal the inequality between the individual states in student performance.

is perhaps the most important issue for participating in former schools, it is equally important to understand why some critics of public education blame the poor performance of the system and the teachers, but they also pay little attention if the students do well. The term "follow the money" is particularly important.

First, public schools are taxed by taxpayers. Nobody likes to pay taxes, and when asked to pay more than they spent in the past, many people point to the alleged inefficiencies within the system.

Most of the costs of public utilities are paid by property tax. Although some money flows into the system between parents, private donations, and federal, state and local governments, they continue to belong to the taxes that are part of the lion's funding. In California, the so-called "taxpayer rebellion" and well-funded political campaign have led to the term "People's Initiative for Limiting Ownership Taxation". While the benefits and damages of the law can be a subject of debate over time, one of the debates on public education is out of the question: from the 1960s when California schools were high among the public education institutions of the nation, the popular initiative was legally reduced. State public education students are currently among the 50 states in the student performance surveys.

The challenge for Freemasonry is not to approve or contradict higher taxes or to accept a resolution in an emotionally charged debate. Rather, the challenge is to fully understand the work force in state schools and against them. We do not talk about whether we support public schools – it's about how best masonry can do this. Consequently, it is essential for Masons to participate in impulsive debates on public education without having to engage in politics that never seems far. Perhaps the forum provided by the Craftsman and no political pursuit is the best forum within which this discussion can take place.

2011th On April 1, the California Grand Lodge "launches" its strategic plan for a profound difference in public education. State holidays are up and down on the various Public School sites, which communicate clearly and in a very public way, that masonry aims to work for state schools. This is to be achieved because a productive, educated middle class is essential for maintaining a free society. Enlightened people can not easily leave the liberties created by the founding fathers.

It was an important task for California Masons. A kick-off without celebrating something material is followed by no more than a show – no effort to make a profound difference. High School Advisory Bodies relying on the talents and resources of the freedom fighters within the geographic boundaries, which consist of a blend of ages to discuss and decide how the grand plan's strategy can be implemented, many promises to succeed. Masonry is best done by transforming your premises into a good force. Advisory bodies may be such forces

Equally important are the public education advisory bodies of the California Freemasons, which otherwise do not exist: they provide the opportunity to attract members who are looking for something intelligent with which to commit themselves personally. As they progress at different phases of initiation, from the first to the third stages, action plans predict the learning of some parts of something that will change society and create a positive change. The fraternal support of the State Schools offers Craftsman a wonderful, perhaps one-time, chance for Masons to use freemasonry values ​​that convey the hope that freedom will always be dominant and that search for knowledge will be permanently accessible rich and poor, high and low – for everyone regardless of station

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An insurance contract is concluded when the insured person concludes a contract with the insurer to compensate for loss of property or fire, lightning, explosion, and so on. Against his loss. This is primarily a contract, and as such is governed by the general law of the contract. However, with certain insurance transactions such as the highest earnings, insurance rates, indemnities, transfers and contributions, Are. These principles are common in all insurance contracts and are governed by specific legal principles.

According to S. 2 (6A), "fire insurance business" means an undertaking that, in addition to another type of insurance transaction, an insurance contract against a random fire or other event occurs in general

According to Halsbury, an insurance contract under which the insurer is obliged to indemnify the collateral, to some extent and under certain conditions, in the event of a loss or damage in the event of a fire which may, in certain circumstances, be the property of the insured.

Thus, fire insurance is a contract where the person insuring the insurer concludes a contract with the insurer in the event of a fire or lightning strike, explosion, To compensate for loss. This policy aims to ensure the loss caused by the total or partial damage to property and other objects.

Strictly speaking, the fire insurance contract:

1. Whose main subject is the insurance against loss or damage caused by the fire.

2nd The liability of the insurer is limited by the insured amount and not necessarily to the extent of the loss or damage suffered by the insured; and

3. The insurer has no interest in the security or destruction of the secured assets other than under the contractual obligations


There is no statutory provision regulating fire insurance regulated by Indian Maritime Insurance Act 1963. Indian Insurance Act 1938 primarily concerning the regulation of insurance activity and not the general or specific principles of the law on other insurance contracts. Thus, in the absence of a law on the law of the National Insurance Act of 1872, the Indian Courts have been dealing with the issue of fire insurance so far have been harmed by court decisions and English Compensation

when determining the value of the destroyed property, the insured was the value of the property that had to be measured. This value was mainly calculated on the basis of the market value of the property before and after the loss. However, this valuation method was not applicable in cases where the market value did not represent the real value of the property to the insured because the property was used as a secured place of residence or as a business activity. In such cases, the amount of the indemnity was the cost of the repayment. Lucas v. New Zealand Insurance Co. [1] where the insured property was purchased and considered as a revenue-generating investment, the court considered that the appropriate amount of compensation for the fire hazard was the costs of repossession.


is so interested in a property that benefits from its existence and the destruction of its destruction, they say they have a secure interest in the property. Such a person can secure the fortune against the fire.

Interest in real estate must be in the beginning and at the loss. If it does not exist at the conclusion of the contract, it can not be the subject of the insurance and, if it is not in the event of a loss, it is not unprofitable and does not require compensation. Thus, when it sells the secured property and subsequently damages it, it does not cause any loss.


The date of conclusion of an insurance contract is different from the adoption or assumption of the policy. Section 64-VB broadly specifies that the insurer can not take risks before the date of receipt of the fee. Article 58 of the Insurance Code 1939 deals with the advance on premiums in respect of Section 64 (64) (!) Subsection (64), which allows the insurer to take risks from the day onwards. If the applicant did not want a particular date, it was possible for the proposer to negotiate with the insurance company about the term. In fact, the Apex Court has said that the final adoption of the Commissioner or the Insurer simply depends on how the Insurance Negotiations proceeded. Although there are risks that appear to be related to fire insurance policies, but they do not fully cover the policy. Some of the disputed areas are as follows:

FIRE: The destruction or damage of property provided by its own fermentation, natural heating or spontaneous combustion or any heating or drying process can not be considered as a fire hazard. For example, paint or chemicals in heat treatment and, consequently, in a fire damaged factory do not belong to it. LIGHTNING: Lightning may cause fire damage or other types of damage, such as lightning strikes or cracks in a building due to lightning strike. Damage and other damages caused by the fire are covered by the regulations.

AIR DIAGNOSIS: Damage caused directly by aircraft and other airborne devices and / or goods dropped there (fire or other). Destruction or damage arising from the pressure waves caused by aircraft with a supersonic speed does not, however, fall within the scope of the policy.

RIOTS, STRIKES, MALICIOUS AND TERRORISM INJURIES: Any act of someone who is involved in some kind of embarrassment (with the exception of war, invasion, rebellion, civil disorder, etc.) is a riot, a strike or a terrorist activity.

STORM, CYCLONE, TYPHOON, TEMPEST, HURRICAN, TORNADO, FLOOD and INUNDATION: Storm, Cyclone, Typhoon, Tempest, Tornado and Hurricane are various violent natural disruption. accompanied by a storm or strong wind or strong rainfall. Flood or Inundation occurs when the water rises to an abnormal level. Flood or flooding can be interpreted not only in the common sense, that is, the flood of rivers or lakes but also the accumulated water caused by the choke channel.

WEIGHT: The road vehicle or animal must be in direct contact with the insured assets. Such vehicles and animals, however, should not be owned or owned or owned by the insured or by the premises or employees while they are engaged in their work.

THE SHAREHOLDING COMPANY AND THE SHAREHOLDED COMPANY: the place where the property is located or the Rockslide. While a subsidiary means that land or building is lowered to a lower level, landslide usually means a downturn on the hill.

However, normal cracks, settlements or new structures are drained; layout or movement; coastal or river erosion; faulty design or construction or use of defective materials; and demolition, construction, structural transformations or repairs, or excavations or excavations are excluded.


FREQUENCY EXAMINATION OPERATIONS: Insured or anyone else's injury or damage to the missile test or damage to or damage to the projectiles is on board.

APPLICATION OF AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER EQUIPMENT: Damage caused by accidentally emitted or leaked water is damaged by automatic sprinkler systems located at the insured site. Such annihilation or damage, however, due to repairs or alterations to buildings or premises; removing repair or extending sprinkler equipment;

BUSH FIRE: This includes damage to the bush and the jungle, whether incidentally or by other means, and the burning of fiery areas, save destruction or damage,


Claims not eligible for coverage under this Directive are as follows:

o theft after or after the insured risks

o War or Nuclear Dangers

o Electrical Disaggregations

o Ordering incineration by an authority

o Underground fire

o Damage or damage to jars, gems, curiosity (value greater than Rs.10000), plans, drawings, money, securities, check books, computer records, unless categorically stated .

o The loss or damage to the property has been relocated to a different location (with the exception of the cleaning, repair or renovation of machinery and equipment for more than 60 days) [19659002] CHARACTERIAL FUEL INSURANCE CONTRACT

The fire insurance contract has the following characteristics:

) Fire insurance personal contract

The fire insurance contract does not guarantee the security of the insured property. Its purpose is to establish that the insured is not liable for any loss due to the insured's interest in real estate. Therefore, if the relationship with the insurance company ceases to be transferred to another person, the insurance contract is terminated. It is not so attached to the subject of the insurance that it will automatically be passed on to the new owner to whom it is transferred. The fire insurance contract is therefore a mere personal contract between the insured and the insurer to pay the money. The insurance contract can only be validated with the consent of the insurer.

b) Full and indivisible contract

If the insurance is mandatory and the contents of the kit and the machine, the contract explicitly agrees to be divisible. Thus, if the policyholder is responsible for a breach of obligations to a policyholder in relation to a policy, the insurer may avoid the entire contract and not just the subject matter, unless the right is limited to the terms of the policy.

(c) Fire Injury

In the event of a fire insurance, the insured shall protect him for any loss or damage that may be caused by the occurrence of fire, but may cause. As long as the loss causes a fire in the policy, it is not essential that fire is usually caused. Thus, irrespective of whether the fire was lightly illuminated or adequately illuminated, but was negligent or later involved in the fire due to neglect of the insured's negligence, neglecting his servants or neighbors, and the insurer must indemnify the insured. In the absence of fraud, only the direct consequence of the loss must be examined.

However, the cause of fire becomes material, which must be examined

(1). If the fire was not caused by negligence, but by intentional (2) If it is due to fire due to the exception contained in the contract.


Indemnity insurance that the insurer provides a contractual right to the insured that was prima facie instantly generated when the loss was caused by an insurance event that the insurer brings to the same position where the accused is not the event happened but was not in a better position. There was a primary responsibility, ie compensation and a secondary responsibility, that is, to put the insured into the loss-making position, either by paying a specific amount or by some other means. But the fact that the insurer had the option of placing the insured in the unprofitable position does not mean that he was not willing to indemnify him in some way, and immediately the loss occurred. Primary responsibility arises when the insured event occurs. So the time has begun since the time of the loss rather than the day of the policy avoidance, and any objections that were made after the deadline would be without restriction. ] Only those who have an insurance interest in a real estate can take fire insurance on it. The following are among persons who are permanently interested in, owning and providing such assets:

1. Owners, irrespective of whether they are sole or joint owner or partner in the property owned by the property. It is not necessary to have them. Thus, the lesser and the lessee can jointly or severely secure it. The supplier and the buyer must have both rights. The seller's interest will continue until the delivery is completed and even if it is a non-paid seller's royalty.

3rd The mortgage and the mortgage loan have both separate interests in the mortgaged real estate and can ensure that Lord Esher MR "The mortgage loan does not claim interest on the mortgage, but on the mortgage against the mortgage" [3]

4. trustees and beneficiaries of the trust property are beneficiaries of each and all of them able to provide

5. Baileys, such as carriers, mortgage lenders, or warehouse men, are responsible for securing the trust they are entrusted to and thus secured. For example:

1. An unsecured creditor can not secure the debtor's property because he is entitled to the debtor personally, but he can provide the debtor with the right to secure the debtor's property

A company part he is unable to secure the company's assets because he does not have a secure interest in any company's assets, even if he is the only shareholder. Like Macaura v. For Northen Assurance Co. [4] Macaura. Because she did not have any kind of collateral interest either as a lender or as a shareholder.

As All Insurance Contracts are the Best Bona fide Contract, the Fire Insurance Bidder has a positive obligation to fully disclose all material facts and not to misrepresent or improper interpretation of the policy negotiation process. This most important good faith applies to both the insurer and the insured person. It must be fully in good faith with the insured. This duty is to ensure the best of good faith. B Ensure that the proposer has to declare that the claims in the application form are true and must form the basis of the contract and that any false or false statement should avoid the policy. The insurer can then count on assessing the risk and fixing the appropriate premium and accepting the risk or reducing it.

The issue of a draft fire policy policy is designed in such a way as to get all the information that is important to the insurer to assess the risk and fix the premium, that is, all the relevant facts. The applicant must also include the following information:

o Name and address and occupation of the applicant

o Description of the subject to be provided to identify it including

within the site

o The use of property, whether for manufacturing , whether it is dangerous trade.

o Have you already been insured

when someone bought the proposer, etc.

In addition to the questions submitted in the application form, the applicant must disclose whether it is questionable or not

1. Any information indicating that the risk of fire exceeds the normal value

2. There is any fact that may suggest that the insurer's liability may exceed the normal value, such as the existence of valuable manuscripts or documents, etc., and

3. Any information that means more; danger

Applicant is not required to disclose –

1. Information for which the insurer may be presumed to be in the ordinary course of business of the insurance company

. Facts that tend to prove that the risk is less than otherwise;

3rd In fact, which information is rejected by the insurer; and

4. Facts that do not need to be disclosed because of a policy condition

You can be sure that full disclosure is made of the essential facts that may be relevant to the insurer, taking into account whether the proposal is adopted or not. When the relevant facts are disclosed, the evidence of 1965

When it comes to simultaneous or consecutive multiple risks as an act, it is difficult to assess the relative impact of each hazard, the actual cause of the loss. In such cases, the impending cause can help determine the actual causes of the loss.

Close to the case of the Pawsey v. Scottish Union and the National Ins. Co, [5] "an active, effective case that sets up a series of events that produces results without any force and actively works from a new and independent source." It is dominant and effective, even if it is not the closest to time. This is why it is necessary for a loss to come to the investigation and to determine what is the direct cause of the loss to determine whether the insurer is liable for the loss.


was caused by fire. Fire can be caused by illumination, explosion or implosion. It may be a riot, a strike or a possible malicious act. These factors must ultimately lead to fire and the fire must be the direct cause of the damage. Therefore, armed violence does not cover the loss of property by the armed forces. The view that the loss falls under the clause of malicious action, and therefore the insurer is responsible for satisfying the claim, is untenable because if and as long as fire damage is the direct consequence, fire protection policy can not be demanded. [6]


The steps of the fire insurance policy are as follows:

1. Select Insurer:

Many companies offer fire insurance against unforeseen events. An individual or company must ensure that an insurer chooses. The judgment must be based on factors such as goodwill and long-term market conditions. Insurance companies can be accessed directly or through agents, some of which the company itself has appointed

. Submission of the application form:

The individual or business owner must submit the completed required application form with the necessary information to the insurance company for appropriate consideration and approval. The information on the Proposal Form shall be provided in good faith and shall be accompanied by documents proving the real value of the property or the goods to be supplied. Most companies have their own personalized application form where accurate information is to be provided

3. Asset collection / consideration:

After the duly completed application form is submitted to the insurer, the "on-site" survey is carried out for the property or goods subject to the insurance. This is usually done by investigators or surveyors who are appointed by the company and have to report back to them after a thorough search and survey. This is indispensable for assessing the risks involved and calculating the rate of the fee

. Adoption of the Proposal:

After the surveyors and associated officials provide a detailed and comprehensive report to the insurance company, the former thoroughly reviews the application form and the report. If the company is satisfied that it is not a defect or irregularity or fraud, you formally "accept" the Proposal Form and instructs the Insured to pay the first premium to the Company. It should be noted that the insurance policy begins between the insured and the company following the acceptance of the insurance premium and the insurance premium. The Insurer publishes the Cover Sheet after the first premium has been accepted


Upon receipt of the notice of loss, the insurer shall oblige the insured person to submit to the following information

1. Conditions and Causes of Fire

2. Situation and situation of the premises where the fire occurred;

3rd Insured's interest in the insured property; ie the ability of the insurer to claim and whether others are interested in the property;

4th Other insurance on the property;

5th The value of each property of the property at the time of the loss, together with the evidence thereof, and the value of the rescue, if any; and

6. Amount Requested

The acquisition of such claim related to the claim is also a prerequisite for the liability of the insurer. The above information enables the insurer to certify that:

(1) The policy is in force;

(1) The value at the time of the loss and

(2) The risk of the loss of danger


In the place of loss and

3) Real or internal value, regardless of the sentimental valley. The loss of future profits or other consequential losses can not be taken into account.


How is Claim Generated?

After a fire insurance contract has been concluded, the claim may arise in the event of one or more insurance risks on an insured property. In addition, there may be one or more non-insurance risks that may occur simultaneously or sequentially. In order for the claim to be valid, the following conditions must be met:

1. The occurrence of an event may occur because of an insurance risk, or where both insurers and other risks work, the determining or effective cause of the loss must be an insurance risk

. Handling of danger does not fall within the scope of policy exclusions;

3rd The event was to cause loss or damage to the insured property

4. Event must be in the currency of policy

5. The insured must comply with all the insurance conditions and must comply with the requirements to be fulfilled after the claim has been fulfilled


The insured criminal record may be affected by the moral hazard that insurers had to measure , and the non-disclosure of a serious criminal offense by the applicant, such as the robbery, would constitute material non-disclosure.


the fire is obliged to comply with the good faith of the insurer against the insurer and the insured has to do everything in his power to avoid or minimize the loss. To this end, (1) must take all reasonable measures to extinguish or prevent the fire, and (2) assist the fire brigade and, in any case, do not come to their way in their trials.

With this item, secured assets can be removed in a safe place. Any damage or loss that the insured will make in the fight against fire or relocation, etc. It is considered to be a damage caused by the fire.

If the insured is not compelled to cover the insurer and thus increases the insurer's burden, the insured is deprived of the right to renew the policy indemnification. SECURITY OWNERS 'RIGHTS

(A) 19659002] Insurers have the right under the law in accordance with the insurance obligations in view of the liability they have undertaken to compensate insured persons. Thus, insurers have the right to take action to take fire and minimize loss of property and

o To enter and take possession of the property for this purpose. insurers are obliged to pay for any damages that the property can sustain while taking steps to stop the fire and as long as they are in possession of all that is the natural and direct consequence of the fire; so it was in the case of Ahmedbhoy Habibhoy v Bombay Fire Marine Ins. The degree of damage caused by the insured shall be investigated when the insurer returns it and not at the end of the emergency.

(B) Loss of Risk Avoidance Steps [19659002] The damage sustained to avoid insurance risk was not a consequence of the risk and was not reimbursable unless the insured risk began. In the case of Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co. Ltd. v Canadian General Electric Co. Ltd. [9]the Canadian Supreme Court found that "the loss was caused by the false conviction of the firefighters and the loss was not reimbursed on the basis of the insurance policy , which only covered the damage caused by the explosion of the fire and the loss was not reimbursable on the basis of the insurance policy which only covered the damage caused by the fire or explosion. "

(C) Express Rights

5. In order to protect their rights, insurers have in this condition explicitly called for better rights under which any person authorized by the insurer and the insurer may or may not be injured or injured, made or held the building or premises where the damage occurred or requires it to be handed over to them and to deal with it for any reasonable purpose, such as examining, settling, removing or selling, or d

When and how do claims be filed?

In the event of a fire hazard falling within the scope of the Fire Safety Directive, the Insured shall immediately notify the insurance company thereof. Within 15 days of such loss, the Insured shall submit a claim in writing specifying the details of the damages and the estimated values.

The insured person must obtain and present at his / her own expense any document such as Plans, account statements, test reports, etc., at the request of the insurer.


Under the fire protection policy, insurance will be terminated in any of the following circumstances:

(1) An insurer who fails to circumvent the insurance policy for the purpose of misleading information, misrepresentation or disclosure of any material a biztosított építési terület vagy szerkezet vagy annak egy része leesik vagy elmozdul, akkor hét nap elteltével, kivéve, ha az esés vagy elmozdulás valamilyen biztosított veszély hatására következett be ; ennek ellenére a biztosítás újra megújítható, ha kifejezett értesítést adnak a társaságnak, amint az előfordulás megtörténik;

(3) A biztosítás a biztosítási kérelemre és a biztosítási jogviszonyban A vállalat számára 15 napos értesítést ad a biztosítottnak


A materiális javak számos olyan kockázattal szembesülnek, mint a tűz, árvizek, robbanások, földrengés, lázadás és háború stb. önmagában vagy kombinációban. Az a forma, amelyben a burkolat kifejeződik, számos és változatos. A tűzbiztosítás szigorú értelemben csak a tűz és tűz elleni védelemre vonatkozik. Így a tűzbiztosítási politika megadása alatt minden követelményt teljesíteni kell. A biztosítottnak erkölcsi és jogi kötelezettsége van arra, hogy legkedvezőbb jóhiszeműen álljon, és igazságos tényeket, és ne csak hamis okokat mondjon csak a kapzsiságnak a pénz visszaszerzésére. Továbbá minden biztosítási politika segít fejleszteni egy fejlődő nemzetet. Ezért a biztosítótársaságok tehernek vannak kitéve a biztosítottnak, amikor a biztosított bajban van.


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A hivatkozott könyvek:

1. A tűzgazdálkodás Ganapathy Ramachandran

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3. A Biztosítási Szabályozó és Fejlesztési Hatóság Kézikönyve a szövetségi törvényekkel, a Nagarral

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My continuous account of how the power of gratitude can work for riches and abundance …

Since the last comment to accumulate wealth and wealth with gratitude, many good things have blessed me, which naturally inspired me to write another entry about the incredible power of physics.

For those who have doubts about it, let me remind you that the power of the grid is part of the law of attraction, a physics just like the "universal gravity law" and "relative theory" (there is an equal and opposite reaction to all actions) Sir Isaac Newton. The attraction law is related to relativity theory, and the "reaction" you get is generated by the thoughts that generate your feelings. The gratitude is a universal positive force that it is virtually impossible to feel real and real gratitude in nothing, without giving a positive frequency.

The Powerful Attractiveness of Attractiveness and Abundance

This power is not new at all, though many members of today's society have abandoned these beliefs, I think because many people are so seduced by religious teachings and disputes about which religion "correct". But this is not a religious doctrine (though you can find the Bible's expressions that support the theory). This is a physics teaching. I recently knew that Wallace Wattles wrote a book entitled "The Science of Getting Rich" in 1910, in which he described the gratitude in his life as a rich man. Since then, I have read other books that donate value above "digested value" as a technique of enrichment.

Additionally, Einstein did a daily practice of "thanking" hundreds of people every day as the grateful for all he had given him. And after you've started in a bad environment, check out what you've achieved.

As the latest post was a blessing for riches and abundance through conquest, it has blessed many good things that naturally inspired me to write another entry about the incredible power dictated by physics.

1 – Although in 2007 I was not aware of the 2007 gratitude, I believe that we have crossed the house of fire. Initially, I was afraid that there was no fire in our homeowner's policy yet. When I learned this we not only discovered it but another place on the beach that we fully paid while our house was under construction. I remember telling everyone how grateful I am to be able to stay on the beach all summer for free and work even shorter.

To my surprise, my house was rebuilt, not just the areas I thought were damaged. They told me that due to the "smoke wall", new ceiling fans, furniture, kitchen cabinets and carpets should be removed throughout the house throughout the house … and we will build even better sound equipment and TV [19659002] 2 – 2007 was a rough year for us because of fire, but there was unhappiness for what the "silver lining" brought us, and in December 2007 I got a lot more work. he did not even look for this job; "I found it" when I called someone I had previously known who wanted to rent me. [3] I was grateful that this new job would allow me the money I needed to work from my wife and unable to work because of my disability. We were looking for disability twice and rejected. But I think that because of my feelings of gratitude, a lawsuit came about because the then judge just happened to be with the same disability as my husband and gave us the situation. By 2011, we received thousands of dollars to compensate for past losses.

4 – Before my disability, my husband was a well-established musician. However, she pulled away from all the connections and did all the work she had found before her disability. But after we started disabling payments and feeling grateful for the incoming money, we know that all the musicians just seemed to get out of the wooden building to hunt down to be able to play it. He also met a new bass player who previously played with George Benson.

5 – I learned about the power of gratitude in 2010 and started it as a daily practice. I've always been curious about what I can do in the older years to transfer me financially, since my whole life has been a living pay until recently. I asked my daughter to move from California to create an online business in network marketing.

Imagine excitement and gratitude when you decided to do it. This is his help with online strategies and article marketing and SEO techniques that have just begun to build a successful business online! And the more I grateful to him and to the people whose techniques I've adopted, the more money I spend on my account.

6 – Only last year led to a "P.O.S." 1992 Toyota. Although not the dream car, I was grateful for the cool air conditioning and the fact that a reliable car remained to me. Nevertheless, one day I kept my dream of a "real car". Then one day I was a strange accident when I pulled another car to the side. We both got out and looked at the wagons. There was some "miracle" though my car was completely damaged on the driver's side with a lost rattle, and the other car had no scratch! So, according to my message about the universe, it's time to buy a new car and have enough cash and credit within 2 months to get my 2008 Honda Civic dream car.

7 – Last when he wrote a blog about the power of my gratitude, there was something very strange, but wonderful, that was through the "attraction of riches and riches". Earlier in the day, I received a message that one of my online customers has terminated your account. I chose not to worry too much because I knew more and more people would jump onboard at all times. I started writing an entry that made me recall how grateful I have been to everything in the past and how I changed my life.

Later, on the same day, I received an email notification that the one who "canceled the payment" actually sent $ 100 to my account. Obviously, the first email was just a mistake. In addition, I received $ 100 from another customer where the payment was previously "omitted". In addition, I received another email in which I informed my new client! So you can imagine why I chose another article about gratitude?

8 – Of course, riches and riches are not just money. I had a new kind of wealth and wealth that I brought to me in the form of a strange attractiveness initiated by my online business. By the shear strength of attraction, a woman on the other side of the country called me to talk and it turns out we live together, from our age, childhood, business, what we like and dislike in our experience, straight to the type of food we like to eat! The law of attraction is indeed a perfect force! Of course I'm grateful to my new friend!

I really think the same "luck" is experienced when you exercise your gratitude. Because ultimately this is not really "luck" … this is the quantum physics of attraction! Learn more about attracting riches and riches in your life thanks to the power of gratitude.

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